Why is My Hamster Breathing Heavily and not Moving?

Why is My Hamster Breathing Heavily and not Moving

Hamsters are known for being energetic and playful little creatures, but it can be worrying when your hamster starts breathing heavily and isn’t moving. You may be wondering, “why is my hamster breathing heavily and not moving?” This blog post will explore possible reasons why your hamster is having trouble breathing and what you can …

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Why Does My Hamster Keep Scratching?

Why Does My Hamster Keep Scratching

Hamsters are always busy with one thing, whether running on a wheel, digging in the sand, or scratching themselves. Although most daily activities for these night creatures are part of their fun routine or to utilize the energy they have, some activities can be considered the daily grooming regime for hamsters. Most animals like cats …

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Why Do Some Hamsters Have Red Eyes?

Why Do Some Hamsters Have Red Eyes

Hamsters with red eyes may look like an animal straight out of a horror movie, possessed by some evil spirit, or the zombie version of a hamster. However, do red-eyed hamsters mean something supernatural is happening around you? Unfortunately, as thrilling and full of adventure as the scenario might be for you, it is far …

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Why Do Hamsters Run on Wheels?

Why Do Hamsters Run on Wheels

Getting a hamster is a major responsibility. Hamsters are naturally very active animals and need plenty of physical and mental stimulation. This can be in the form of running on wheels, burrowing their bedding, or climbing up ladders. A question hamster owners often wonder, though, is why do hamsters like running on wheels? There are …

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How to Change Hamster Sleep Cycle

How to Change Hamster Sleep Cycle

Let’s address an important question before we start. Is it even possible to change a hamster’s sleep cycle? Given that they’re nocturnal animals doing so can be a daunting task. However, it is possible to change their sleep cycle by gradually changing their environment. What are those changes, and how can you go about the …

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Why Do Hamsters Move Their Bedding?

Why Do Hamsters Move Their Bedding

Hamsters are full of fun when they live under optimal conditions. You can see them playing, messing with their toys, eating nuts, and playing with each other in the cage. Many pet hamster owners ask why hamsters move their bedding. Is it a sign of discomfort? Do they not like their cage anymore? We have …

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What Causes a Pregnant Hamster to Do Backflips?

What Causes a Pregnant Hamster to Do Backflips

If your hamster has helped you fill the void in your heart by offering its unconditional and wholesome companionship, the least you can do is return the favor by making it feel comfortable and safe during its lifetime.  A hamster may not be as physically demanding or affectionate as a cat or a dog; however, …

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Why Do Hamsters Die So Easily?

Why Do Hamsters Die So Easily

While hamsters are known to have a short lifespan, there’s more to the story than just that. Sudden and unexpected death among these nocturnal animals isn’t an unknown phenomenon. Compared to most other rodents in the US, hamsters are fragile and have weak bones. However, whether it is due to natural causes or sickness, there …

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Why Did My Hamster Suddenly Die?

Why Did My Hamster Suddenly Die

Hamsters can keep you and your kids engaged with their fun activities in the cage. They love to play, mess around with their food, and tease each other while living together. Despite their easy care, hamsters can have bacterial, fungal, and viral interactions, leading to poor health. In some cases, diseases can also lead to …

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Where Can I Take My Unwanted Hamster?

Where Can I Take My Unwanted Hamster

Hamsters appear to be easy-care pets, but the reality is quite the opposite. Hamsters are highly fragile animals with short lifespans. However, their short life span might become even shorter if they are not adequately cared for.  This is why some individuals buy hamsters for themselves or family to realize that they lack time to …

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