Can an Eye Infection Kill My Hamster? [Causes & Treatments]

Can an Eye Infection Kill My Hamster

Keeping a pet hamster happy and healthy is not a difficult job. The furry rodents know how to keep themselves engaged by getting enough exercise on their hamster wheels and doing a reasonably good job at grooming themselves efficiently. The docile and cuddly nature of hamsters make them excellent pets, but they come with specific …

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Are Mealworms Ok for Hamsters? [What you should know]

Are Mealworms Ok for Hamsters

Feeding your hamster live worms sounds bizarre, but it could actually be good for them. Mealworms aren’t worms but yellow mealworm-beetle larvae. Are they ok to feed your hamster? Yes, let’s find out why! Hamsters in the Wild Hamsters are often depicted as vegetarians. If you’ve never owned one, you’d imagine only feeding them fruits …

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Are Hamsters Illegal in Hawaii? [Everything You Should Know]

Are Hamsters Illegal in Hawaii

The law in Hawaii is crystal clear: hamsters are on the banned list of exotic pets. Hawaii is adamant about preserving its fragile ecosystem and delicate wildlife. Hamsters are considered to be an invasive species and can drastically increase numbers to threatening levels through aggressive breeding tactics. This may be harmful to the local flora …

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Are Hamsters Illegal in California? [What you should know]

Are Hamsters Illegal in California

It’s not easy being a cute fur ball, especially if you’re a hamster in California or Hawaii. In these states, it’s illegal to own hamsters and keep them as pets. This isn’t done out of spite. The Humane Society of the United States claims that California’s climate is very similar to a hamster’s natural habitat. …

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How to Keep Hamsters Cool in Summer? [Complete Guide]

How to Keep Hamsters Cool in Summer

Despite its diminutive size, the hamster you keep as a pet leads a highly active lifestyle while confined to its cage. Your little pal might be able to keep themselves busy with all the various wheels and tunnels. But how can he maintain his composure? Have you given any thought to the level of warmth …

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How to Treat Bumble Foot in Hamsters at Home

How to Treat Bumble Foot in Hamsters at Home

Bumblefoot is also called Pododermatitis and is a common medical condition affecting hamsters. It can also affect rats and guinea pigs. When suffering from Bumblefoot, the animal’s toes become inflamed. This is a painful condition; it can also become deadly if not treated properly and promptly. The primary cause of Bumblefoot in hamsters is scrapes, …

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How to Make Your Pet Hamster Skinny? [Helpful Tips]

How to make your pet hamster skinny

No matter how engaging or demanding your everyday occupational or school routine may be, as humans, we all crave some form of companionship that we can nourish and care for. Whether it is taking care of another person or a pet; the emotional fulfillment we feel by offering our mental and physical support to someone …

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Is Hot Glue Safe For Hamsters? [Everything You Should Know]

Is Hot Glue Safe For Hamsters

Many veterinarians are still on the fence about this question. Is hot glue safe for hamsters? Pet owners always have to think twice before exposing these little creatures to anything. Given how tiny and sensitive these furry mates are, it is only right to do so. However, why does one need to have hot glue …

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Is Food Coloring Safe for Hamsters? [What You Should Know]

Is Food Coloring Safe for Hamsters

Sometimes hamster owners want their hamsters to look different and stand out. This is especially true if they have kept more than one hamster together in one cage. It’s possible to make your hamsters look unique in many different ways. One can tie a ribbon or hang a name tag around the hamster’s neck. However, …

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Is Critter Care A Safe Bedding for Hamsters?

Is critter care bedding safe for hamsters

Critter Care is one of the best options if you want safe bedding for hamsters. The characteristics that make it safe for hamsters are soft, comfortable, biodegradable, absorbent, and scent-free. Therefore, if you get this bedding for your hamster in the USA, it’s probably one of the best choices you will make. But why is …

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