Why Is My Hamster Cold?

Why Is My Hamster Cold

The winter months are cold for many of us in the United States, and sometimes that is also true for our pet hamsters. Although they are fluffy and cute, they also react to the cold weather—but at least they react to the cold better than we do. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be …

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How Many Times Can a Hamster Get Pregnant?

How Many Times Can a Hamster Get Pregnant

Hamsters exist worldwide. Whether you’re in Louisiana or Colorado, people everywhere love their adorable pet hamsters, with some opting to breed and extend the hamster family tree. But how many times can a hamster get pregnant? Hamsters can get pregnant three to four times throughout their life. It is possible for a hamster to have …

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What Can You Feed a Dwarf Hamster?

What Can You Feed a Dwarf Hamster

Proper nutrition is critical to your hamster’s proper growth and overall health. Failure to provide your dwarf hamster with the correct diet could result in stunted growth and lead to some serious dental illnesses. Accordingly, it is critical to know what you can and cannot feed your dwarf hamster. You can feed your dwarf hamster …

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What To Do When You First Get a Hamster?

What To Do When You First Get a Hamster

Hamsters are one of the most popular pets for families. Hamsters are cute, cuddly, and inexpensive to own. However, they need a lot of care and attention, and it can be expensive to keep them healthy and happy. Here’s what to do when you first get a hamster: Hamsters may look like small, simple animals, …

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How Long Can a Hamster Go Without a Wheel?

How Long Can a Hamster Go Without a Wheel?

One of the most popular choices for first-time pet owners in the United States is a hamster, since they do not require as much care as a cat or dog. However, hamsters do have specific requirements you should keep in mind. For example, can you forgo getting them the dreaded squeaky wheel? A hamster can …

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How To Tell If Your Hamster Is Blind [Best 5 Ways to Know]

how do you know when a hamster is blind

Have you noticed that your hamster seems to have very poor eyesight? Hamsters naturally have poor vision, so it can be challenging to determine if your hamster is going blind. The five best ways to tell if your hamster is blind are: This article will explore different ways to tell if your hamster is blind, …

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How Much Water Does a Hamster Drink?

how much water does a hamster drink in a day

Hamsters are tiny creatures that are sensitive to their environment and water requirements. If hamsters don’t drink enough water, it can lead to dehydration, which is life-threatening for such a small animal. Hamsters drink 0.34 oz (10 ml) of clean drinking water per 0.22 pound (100 g) of body weight each day. Hamsters vary in …

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Why Is My Hamster Lying Flat?

why is my hamster lying flat

Finding your hamster lying flat on its cage could be an alarming situation. Perhaps something is wrong with your little furry pet because, generally, hamsters are known to be very energetic and active. So, why is your hamster lying flat? Hamsters lie flat when feeling hot. Lying flat lets them cool off from too much …

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Why Is My Hamster Not Coming Out at Night?

Why Is My Hamster Not Coming Out at Night

Lots of Americans choose to have a hamster as their pet. Their small size makes it easy to keep them even when you have a smaller house. Hamsters are nocturnal animals, so when you bring a hamster home, you’ll probably expect to see them out and about in their enclosure after dark. A common reason …

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How To Bond With Your Hamster [10 Useful Tips]

How To Bond With Your Hamster

Forming a friendly bond with your new hamster can be a tricky and often delicate task. But even if you’re an inexperienced owner, there are proven things you can do to bond with your pet. Here are ten steps to help you bond with your hamster: How To Bond With Your Hamster For the rest …

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