Is It Safe to Give Your Hamster Kiwi? [Benefits & Risks]

Is It Safe to Give Your Hamster Kiwi

Hamsters are omnivores and thus derive their nutrition from different food groups. Domesticated hamsters are often fed pellet food. But they can also be fed almost anything, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains. Hamster owners often wonder if can hamsters eat Kiwi. The answer is yes; hamsters can Kiwi is very healthy and full …

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Minimum Cage Size for Hamster [Complete Guide]

Cage size of hamster

If you are a concerned hamster owner who wants the best for their furry friend, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you the hard-to-chew truth about typical hamster cages and what the minimum size should be. Your hamster may be tiny, but in the wild, it can easily cross over five miles in …

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Why Is My Hamster’s Pee Red? [Reasons & What to Do]

Reason for hamsters pee red

Hamsters are low-risk pets, making them a popular choice for most people in the US. However, they are not immune to many diseases, and the cute little fur balls have some identical behavior to that of human anatomy. Just like the color of human urine indicates something wrong with the body, a hamster’s pee also …

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Why is My Hamster Cleaning Itself a Lot?

My hamster cleaning itself a lot

You might have picked up on some weird quirks in your hamster. It might pull its fur a lot, clean itself behind the ears, comb through its body, and do other little things that seem cute. However, finding your furry baby going overboard with these oddities can be a little concerning. So, should you be …

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Why is One of My Hamster’s Eyes Closed? [Reasons & What to Do]

Reason for hamster's closed eyes

There can be several reasons why a hamster’s eyes are closed. The most common is when the fluid around its eyelid dries. When this happens, it prevents your hamster from opening its eyes. Another reason is if your hamster accidentally scratched its eye. In this case, the hamster in California may immediately require medical attention …

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Will a Rabbit Attack a Hamster? [Everything You Should Know]

Will a Rabbit Attack a Hamster

It’s a question that has been asked since the dawn of time, or at least since rabbits and hamsters started living near one another: will a rabbit attack a hamster? The answer, unfortunately, is not as simple as yes or no. It depends on various factors, including the individual personalities of the animals involved, their …

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Why is My Hamsters Heart Beating So Fast?

Why is my hamster heart beating so fast

All animals have a heartbeat. It is the muscle that pumps blood throughout the body. When they think of a heartbeat, most people think of a slow, steady pulse. However, for some people, their hamster’s heart is beating so fast that it is alarming. In this blog post, we will explore some potential reasons why …

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Why Is My Hamster Trying to Get Out of His Cage?

Why Is My Hamster Trying to Get Out of His Cage

Hamsters in the USA appear cute and innocent, but in reality, they are devilish little escape artists. They can always find a way out if you don’t secure their cages. Once a hamster escapes his enclosure, finding him and getting him back can be difficult. There are several reasons a hamster tries to escape. Sometimes, …

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Why Is My Hamster Screaming? [10 Reasons]

Why Is My Hamster Screaming

Hamsters are relatively quiet animals, but that doesn’t mean they never make noise. If your hamster has started screaming out of the blue, there may be several reasons why this happens, and you may want to figure them out before it bothers you too much. For instance, a hamster may scream if it is in …

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Why Is My Hamster Monkey Barring? [Reasons & Solutions]

why my hamster monkry barring

Hamsters are extremely cute and entertaining pets. They do funny and adorable things that we can’t get enough of all the time! One such thing is cage climbing, also called monkey barring. You might think that monkey barring is just another entertaining thing your hamster is doing. However, monkey barring can also be indicative of …

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