How Old Does a Hamster Need To Be To Eat Carrots?

How Old Does a Hamster Need To Be To Eat Carrots

Isn’t it adorable to watch your hamster gnaw on and eat carrots? Carrots are a highly nutritious root vegetable found in almost every kitchen, so it seems like a no-brainer that feeding your hamster carrots is a good idea. However, how old does a hamster need to be even to be able to eat a …

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What Foods Can Kill a Hamster? [Complete guide]

What Foods Can Kill a Hamster

With their sweet and docile personalities, hamsters make fantastic pets. If you have just acquired a hamster, you’re probably wondering if there’s anything they can’t eat. More importantly, what foods can kill a hamster? Many foods like celery, onions, and dairy can kill a hamster. Unripe, unwashed, and moldy produce can also be dangerous for …

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Why Is My Hamster Not Eating?

why is my hamster not eating as much

A hamster that isn’t eating can be worrisome; hamsters can’t speak, so they can’t tell their owners what the problem is. The owner is left in the dark, trying to figure out if the hamster is sick or if it’s just stashing the food somewhere. For new hamster owners, the situation can be frightening and …

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How Much Does Hamster Food Cost?

how much money does hamster food cost

Hamsters are relatively inexpensive pets, but there is a lot you need to consider before solidifying your budget. Not only do hamsters need shelter, stimulating toys, and cleaning supplies, but you’ll also have to feed it nutritious food if you’d like to elongate its life. So how much do you need to add to your …

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What Does Hamster Eat? [Complete Guide]

What Does Hamster Eat

Finding the right food for cats and dogs is relatively easy, but things can become a little more complicated if you own a small animal. If you’ve recently become a hamster owner, you may be wondering how to give your new pet a healthy, well-rounded diet. A hamster eats plants and insects in the wild. …

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Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Babies [Causes and How to Prevent]

Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Babies

Hamsters can be fun little pets to have around, especially when they have babies! However, the unfortunate truth is that some hamsters will eat their babies. While this is shocking and sad to many people, it’s normal for hamsters—but why do they do it? Hamsters eat their babies when they’re stressed or fearful. Like mothers …

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