Why Is My Hamster Wobbling and Falling Over?

Why Is My Hamster Wobbling and Falling Over

An estimated 1.5 million U.S. households choose a hamster as their family pet. Hamsters are pocket pets that are great for teaching kids about pet ownership. However, when your hamster starts behaving abnormally or cannot ambulate normally, you need to get them evaluated by a veterinarian to rule out life-threatening issues. Your hamster wobbles or …

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Why Is My Hamster Acting Weird? [9 Signs & How to Handle]

Why Is My Hamster Acting Weird

Hamsters are docile, playful, active, and generally friendly. My hamster, Harvey, for instance, loves playing outdoors inside his exercise ball under the bright San Diego sky. Overall, hamsters are pleasant; that’s why it can be pretty alarming when we find our hamsters acting weird. Your hamster could be acting weird because he’s hungry, scared, stressed, …

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How To Travel With a Hamster [9 Useful Tips]

How To Travel With a Hamster

Nothing sounds better than hitting the road with your best furry friend. Whether you’re traveling short or long distances, having your hamster tag along shouldn’t feel like a burden. Luckily, there are ways to have your fluffy buddy travel without traumatizing it. Here are nine easy tips to make traveling with your hamster easy and …

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How Do You Give a Hamster a Bath?

How Do You Give a Hamster a Bath

Tiny, furry, and inquisitively fun, hamsters are the picture of pet perfection and the choice pet for more than 1.6 million households across the United States. They stay clean by self-grooming, but when your hamster gets something stuck in its coat, looks messy, or starts to smell bad, a bath may be the first thing …

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Can Hamsters Eat Guinea Pig Food?

Can Hamsters Eat Guinea Pig Food

Shopping for hamster food can be challenging because of the limited options compared to dog or cat food. Given the similarities between hamsters and guinea pigs, many hamster owners wonder if they can substitute their hamster’s food with guinea pig food. You can serve guinea pig food to hamsters as an occasional treat. However, hamsters …

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450 Square Inch Hamster Cage

450 Square Inch Hamster Cage

After dogs and cats, hamsters rank pretty high on the list of popular pets in the US, and they’re pretty equally distributed from New York to California. Their popularity stems largely from their appeal as a kind of “starter” pet– they don’t live for decades, don’t need tons of attention and maintenance, and don’t take …

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How Often Should I Hold My Hamster?

How Often Should I Hold My Hamster

Hamsters are some of the most popular small pets in the United States, as they’re adorable, furry, and slightly less prone to biting than gerbils. But many first-time hamster owners might wonder, “How often should I hold my hamster?” You should hold your hamster every day to develop a bond with it. However, it’s crucial …

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How Old Does a Hamster Need To Be To Eat Carrots?

How Old Does a Hamster Need To Be To Eat Carrots

Isn’t it adorable to watch your hamster gnaw on and eat carrots? Carrots are a highly nutritious root vegetable found in almost every kitchen, so it seems like a no-brainer that feeding your hamster carrots is a good idea. However, how old does a hamster need to be even to be able to eat a …

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How Much Does It Cost To Care for a Hamster?

How Much Does It Cost To Care for a Hamster

Hamsters have got to be some of the cutest pets in the world – their tiny paws and snoots make them almost irresistible. Because of this, it is natural that you will want to give them the best possible care money can buy. They are generally known to be cheap pets for kids and beginners, …

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How To Get Your Hamster To Sleep on You? [7 Useful Tips]

How To Get Your Hamster To Sleep on You

Hamsters are tiny animals that make adorable pets, but they’re also known for being nocturnal and particularly afraid of humans. Such is not always the case, though, because, with proper practice, hamsters can learn to snuggle and get used to human touch. Here are some of the ways you can get your hamster to sleep …

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