Why Is My Hamster Shaking a Lot [6 Causes & Fixes]

Why Does My Hamster Shake

Hamsters are small prey animals that are easily affected by changes in their environment. While they have fewer needs than most pets, if these needs aren’t met, hamsters can show signs of a decline very quickly, including shaking. Hamsters shake because of excess stimulation, poor living conditions, a drop in temperature, nervous system issues, medical …

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Why Is My Hamster Losing Hair [Common reasons and how to fix]

Why Does My Hamster Have a Bald Spot

Hair loss in hamsters can be due to a wide variety of reasons. It can be completely normal, or it can be a sign of a serious medical issue. If you noticed your hamster’s losing and having a bald spot on its body, surely you want to know what’s causing the problems. Your hamster is …

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How To Care for a Dwarf Hamster [9 helpful ways]

how to care for a winter white dwarf hamster

Dwarf hamsters are becoming an increasing top option when people think about keeping a pet. They’re cute, little, furry creatures, and they are enjoyable to have around! They’re the perfect definition of what it means to have furry friends, and what’s more, they’re easy to care for and groom. Here’s how to care for a …

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Why Is My Hamster Sleeping So Much? [Reasons & How to deal with it]

Why Is My Hamster Sleeping So Much

There is no denying that hamsters are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. These cute furballs tend to sleep for 8-12 hours a day and are primarily nocturnal, meaning they’ll sleep for the better part of the day and become active at night. But should you be worried if your hamster sleeps longer than …

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My Hamster Has a Tumor: How Long Until She Dies?

My Hamster Has a Tumor How Long Until She Dies

Anyone who has had experience with cancer – either with themselves, their loved ones, or their pets – can tell you what a horrible disease it is. Unfortunately, even something as small and cute as a hamster isn’t immune to it, either. Hamsters typically have an average lifespan of two to three years, but a …

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Why Does My Hamster Poop So Much?

why do my hamster poop so much

If there’s one thing that new hamster owners from California to New York can agree on, it’s that hamsters poop a lot. Especially if you’ve never had a hamster before, it can be shocking to see how much they actually poop. Is it even normal? Hamsters poop so much because they’re constantly eating and have …

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What Does Hamster Diarrhea Look Like?

what is hamster diarrhea look like

If you’re a hamster owner, you know the importance of keeping your small friend healthy and happy. While it can be easy to recognize diarrhea in animals like cats and dogs, it’s not always easy to tell what’s “normal” for hamsters. It’s essential to know what hamster diarrhea looks like; suppose your hamster experiences one. …

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What Hamster Lives the Longest?

which kind of hamster lives the longest

If you’re considering getting a hamster as a pet, you may have realized that hamsters, like most rodents, have pretty short lifespans compared to many other pets. That said, you may be wondering what breed of domesticated hamsters live the longest. The Roborovski dwarf hamster lives the longest of commonly domesticated hamster breeds. This breed …

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How To Play With a Hamster [Helpful Guide]

How To Play With a Hamster

Hamsters are delightful pets that love interacting with their owners in the United States of America. However, you need to be gentle when playing with them because they’re so small. Here are some ways you can play with a hamster: How to play with my hamster After reading this article, you’ll have some fun ways …

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What Size Wheel for Syrian Hamster [Complete guide]

what size wheel should a syrian hamster have

A running wheel is a must-have if you own a Syrian hamster. The wheel lets your pet get the exercise it needs to stay healthy and remain entertained. However, Syrian hamsters are quite large, which makes choosing the right size wheel challenging. A wheel size between 8-12 inches (20.32-30.48 cm) is ideal for Syrian hamsters …

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