How Much Water Does a Hamster Drink?

Hamsters are tiny creatures that are sensitive to their environment and water requirements. If hamsters don’t drink enough water, it can lead to dehydration, which is life-threatening for such a small animal.

Hamsters drink 0.34 oz (10 ml) of clean drinking water per 0.22 pound (100 g) of body weight each day. Hamsters vary in size, weight, and breed, and their water needs vary too. Syrian hamsters need about 0.68 oz (20 ml) a day, whereas dwarf hamsters may only drink one teaspoon of water a day.

In this article, I will discuss how often you should give your hamster clean water, what water temperature is best for your hamster, and what time of the day your hamster will drink water.

We’ll also consider why your hamster may not be enough drinking water or drinking too much of it, as well as everything you need to know about drinking bottles for your pet.

How Much Water Does a Hamster Drink
How Much Water Does a Hamster Drink

How Often Should I Give My Hamster Clean Water?

You should give your hamster clean water every day. If you leave dirty water in your hamster’s cage, it can get contaminated, leading to sickness.

Whether you provide water for your hamster in a water bottle or water bowl, you need to ensure that you don’t let your hamster’s water stand for too long before replacing it.

Stale water or water that comes into contact with feces and food can get contaminated. If you left water in your hamster’s cage for too long and your hamster drank it, there is a possibility that your little friend will get sick.

Watch out for symptoms such as lethargy, vomiting, fever, and diarrhea. If your hamster shows any of these symptoms, you should immediately take him to the vet.

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What Temperature Water Is Best for a Hamster?

The best water temperature for a hamster is room temperature. Hamsters are very sensitive to temperature changes. Giving your hamster cold water can be detrimental to their health.

If you think your hamster is hot, you can try moving his cage to a cooler room, but never give him ice-cold water to drink or ice blocks to chew on.

If you live in a state like North Dakota which gets extremely cold in the winter, you will have to make sure that your hamster’s water stays at room temperature and does not freeze solid.

If your hamster is thirsty, he will drink the available water, regardless of the temperature, and if it is too cold, it can lead to hypothermia and even death.

On the other hand, if you live in a warm state like Florida, where it can reach up to 91°F (32.78°C), you have to ensure that your hamster’s water does not get too hot. If the water is getting hot, try replacing it with fresh, cool water a few times throughout the day.

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What Time of the Day Does Hamsters Drink Water?

Hamsters will drink most of their water during dusk and dawn. They will also drink some water during the day and night or after doing physical activity.

Hamsters are crepuscular animals and are most active during dusk and dawn. This is also the time when your hamster will drink most of its water.

Hamsters might be active during the night and day, and you can see them drinking water or eating.

If your hamster is very active, he might want a drink after running on his wheel or in his ball, so make sure he has fresh water throughout the day.

Why Is My Hamster Drinking So Much Water?

If your hamster is drinking too much water, it might be because they’re dehydrated, they’re suffering from heatstroke, they have diabetes, or there has been a recent change in their diet.

There are a lot of reasons why your hamster could be drinking more water than usual. Perhaps hotter than normal or has he been especially active. Hamsters will drink water if they are feeling hot or are feeling exhausted.

If there is no apparent reason why your hamster is drinking more water than usual, he might be ill.

If you believe that your hamster is ill and suffering from any of the below illnesses, taking him to the vet for immediate care is your best option.


Dehydration is the most common reason why your hamster might be drinking a lot of water. If your hamster didn’t have access to water for a while or was stressed and refused to drink water, he might be dehydrated.

Some symptoms of dehydration include lethargy, dry and tight skin, and dark urine.

A hamster can easily get stressed if you change his habitat or move him to a different room in your house. Loud noises can also scare them and cause them to feel anxious.

Heat Exhaustion

It is normal for a hamster to drink a lot of water if it is hot out, but if there is a heatwave or you placed your hamster in a room without proper ventilation, your hamster could be suffering from heat exhaustion.

If your hamster suddenly loses weight, is sluggish, and acts aggressively, he might be suffering from heatstroke.

If the city you live in is experiencing a heatwave, you can prevent your hamster from getting heatstroke by placing his cage in a cool room. You can also spray your hamster with a tiny bit of room temperature water and give him treats full of watery goodness, such as cucumbers.


It might be surprising, but hamsters can get diabetes just like humans and other pets. Diabetes is a severe illness and can be fatal if not treated in time.

Diabetes in hamsters can be hereditary or developed because of their diet. Some of the most common symptoms of diabetes are excessive drinking of water, weight loss, fluctuating energy levels, and an increase in urination.

You won’t be able to stop your hamster from developing diabetes, but you can try to prevent it by ensuring that your hamster eats a well-balanced diet and gets enough exercise.


It is possible that your hamster’s diet can cause dehydration. Have you changed your hamster’s diet recently? If so, you might want to change it again.

Food that is too dry or sugary can cause an imbalance in your hamster’s diet, which might lead to him being thirsty more often.

how much water does a hamster drink in a day
How much water does a hamster drink in a day

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Why Isn’t My Hamster Drinking Water?

If your hamster isn’t drinking enough water, it might be because there was a change in their environment that caused them stress. Otherwise, it might mean your hamster is sick.

There are many possible reasons why a hamster isn’t drinking water.

If you recently moved your hamster to a new cage, he might be feeling stressed, which could lead to him not drinking. If you moved house or changed your hamster’s water bottle, this can also be the cause.

If you haven’t changed your hamster’s environment, then there is a possibility that your hamster might be sick.

Does a Hamster Need a Drinking Bottle?

Hamsters don’t need drinking bottles, but they are the best way to ensure that your hamster gets the water it needs and that the water stays cleaner for longer.

You can give water to your hamster in a water bowl, but bedding, feces, and urine can get into it, which can contaminate the water.

Drinking bottles are much more hygienic than water bowls. They also give you the added benefit of knowing that your hamster has clean, accessible water while you might not be at home.

With a water bowl, there is always the possibility that your hamster could throw it over and mess the water, leaving your pet thirsty until you get back home.

Here is a cute YouTube video showing what it looks like when a hamster drinks from a water bottle nozzle:

Best Water Bottles for Hamsters

There are many different water bottles out there, but I have compiled a list of items available on Amazon to help you choose the best one for your furry little friend.

PAWCHIE Hamster Water Bottle with Stand

This is a two-in-one wooden hamster feeder. You place the food at the bottom of the stand, where there is a built-in bowl and the water bottle slides in at the top.

This wooden feeder and water bottle stand is perfect if you have a hamster habitat with natural style, filled with wooden toys and accessories.

The wood is painted with a non-toxic anti-corrosion paint so that it won’t be damaged by water spilled on it.

The water bottle itself is large and can hold up to 5 ounces (150 milliliters) of water, so your furry friend will never go thirsty.

Choco Nose H125 Patented No Drip Hamster Water Bottle

This is the ideal water bottle for a tiny hamster. It has a 0.39 inches (10mm) mini nozzle and is easily removable to replace water.

The Choco Nose water bottle has a leak-proof water nozzle. There will be no wet bedding, which helps to keep your little pet’s cage clean and smelling fresh.

This water bottle can hold 6.76 fluid ounces (200 milliliters) of water.

Kaytee Clear Water Bottle

This clear plastic water bottle comes in four different sizes, including 4 oz (118 ml), 8 oz (237 ml), 16 oz (473 ml), and 32 oz (946 ml), making it perfect for any size hamster. The clear plastic makes it easy to see how much water is left in the bottle, and the spring attachment keeps it secure

Lixit 8oz (118 ml) Aquarium Water Bottle

This is the perfect water bottle for your hamster, whether he lives in an aquarium tank or a wire cage. It has a unique mount to make it easy to give your little pet water in its aquarium habitat.

The bottle—made in the US—is clear, making it easy for you to see the water levels and know how much your pet is drinking.

Kaytee Stoneware Hamster Bowl

If, for some reason, your hamster does not enjoy drinking water out of a bottle, this bowl is a great alternative. You might have to give your furry friend clean water more often as food and bedding can get into the bowl. The bowl is stable and heavyweight, so it won’t tip.

Why Does My Hamster’s Water Bottle Leak?

Hamster water bottles may leak because hamsters gnaw on them. Some leaking just after your hamster drinks is normal. If the leaking continues, the rubber gasket on the inside may be damaged.

Keeping an eye on your hamster’s water intake is a good idea, but this becomes difficult if your hamster’s water bottle is leaking.

Some hamsters enjoy gnawing on their water bottles, which can cause them to drip. If you suspect the bottle is leaking, you can feel if the bedding underneath the bottle is wet. If the bottle is leaking because it has been chewed on, you will have to replace it.

Some water bottles will drip after your hamster has a drink. This is not a reason for concern.

If your hamster’s water bottle keeps leaking, there might be another reason. It can be that the rubber gasket on the inside of the cap is damaged. Replacing the rubber gasket should fix the problem.

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Can a Hamster’s Water Bottle Clog?

A hamster’s water bottle can clog. You can check this by moving the ball in the nozzle with your finger. If no water comes out, the bottle is clogged.

If the bottle is clogged, you should clean it and fill it with clean, fresh water before putting it back in your hamster’s enclosure.

How Do I Teach My Hamster To Drink From a Bottle?

Hamsters are curious creatures and will explore their cage and any new items you place in it. A water bottle is pretty straightforward, and your hamster is clever and curious enough to figure out how to use it on its own.

You don’t have to teach your hamster to drink from a bottle. If your hamster does not figure out how to use its water bottle, you can help them discover it by rubbing a tasty treat on the nozzle.

Your hamster will smell the delicious treat, lick on the nozzle, and realize that there is freshwater inside.

If your hamster refuses to drink from a water bottle, you can place a drinking bowl in their cage. It is not ideal as bedding and feces can get into it, but it will work; just make sure to keep it clean.

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How much water does a hamster drink in a day?

Answer: A hamster’s water intake depends on many factors, such as the temperature of its environment, whether it is active or not, and its overall health. However, a healthy hamster should drink around 10 to 30ml of water per day. You can provide your hamster with fresh water by using a water bottle with a metal spout, or you can fill a bowl with fresh water daily.

How much water does a dwarf hamster drink per day?

Answer: A dwarf hamster will drink about 20 to 30 ml of water per day.

How much water do baby hamsters drink?

Answer: A baby hamster typically drinks around 10 to 20 ml of water per day. However, it’s important to always keep fresh water available for your baby hamster, since they can become dehydrated quickly.

Final Thoughts

Hamsters need about ten milliliters of water per 0.22 pound (100 grams) of body weight. Smaller hamsters will drink less water than bigger hamsters, and if your hamster is very active, he will consume more water than a hamster that isn’t as active.

Hamsters are sensitive to temperature changes and can get dehydrated if they don’t have an adequate water supply.

Make sure to give your furry little friend clean, fresh water every day to avoid dehydration and keep them happy and healthy.

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